Teaching & Training

Short talks or multi-day courses on dataviz, R, ggplot2, data analytics and more.

I have a passion for teaching and have conducted numerous workshops and training sessions on various topics related to data science and analytics.

I can help you to:

  • Conducting short talks or multi-day courses on data visualization, R programming, ggplot2, reproducible research, bayesian statistics, and data analytics.

  • Providing customized training sessions tailored to your specific needs and objectives.


  • I delivered a series of short talks on data visualization techniques for undergraduate students, covering fundamental principles and practical tips for creating effective visualizations.

  • I taught a multi-day course on R programming for beginners, covering topics such as data manipulation, visualization, and basic statistical analysis.

  • I organized and facilitated a workshop on ggplot2, a popular data visualization package in R, demonstrating how to create customized plots and advanced visualizations.

  • I provided training sessions on data analytics tools and techniques to professionals in the industry, helping them develop skills in data exploration, modeling, and interpretation.

  • Additionally, I have contributed to educational materials, such as this repository, where I share resources and tutorials for learning data science concepts and tools.

  • I have also been a guest on several podcasts, discussing topics related to data science, analytics, and visualization.

Contact me:

Tell me more about your training needs at david.munoztord@mailbox.org to see if we can work together.