Data Scientist / R Developer

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Hi, I'm David.

My job consists in helping companies and researchers to analyse and manage their datasets. I am skilled for most data-science steps: data pre-processing, data-ingestion,application of statistical methods, data visualization and results communication.

After having worked for renowned research institutes like the Geneva Neurocenter and the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences. I'm now working as a freelance data scientist for different companies (FlowBank, RabbitDuck) and nonprofit organizations (CICAD ). In parallel, I am also working as an open-source R developer for Opifex.

2018 Master Degree Geneva Neurocenter 2020 PhD Neurosciences Campus Biotech 2021 Teaching Assistant Statistics University of Geneva 2023 Data Scientist FlowBank CICAD Freelance R Developer Data Consultant


Let me help make better use of your data. My expertise can be used to clean, analyse, interpret and visualize your data.

Data Engineering

Data harvesting, cleaning and reshaping. Development of automated workflows and pipelines.


Data Mining

Data exploration, application of statistical methods, reproducible data analysis.



Creation of static and interactive dataviz, review of scientific figures.


Teaching & Training

Short talks or multi-day courses on dataviz, R, ggplot2, data analytics and more.



A glimpse of the projects I've been working on


Feel free to contact me for any question. For open source projects, please open an issue or pull request on Github. If you want to follow my work, reach me by email at david.munoztord@mailbox.org.

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